Wells Fargo Business Loan: What You Need to Know

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Wells Fargo provides a range of financial solutions tailored for businesses, including business lines of credit and SBA loans. These offerings come with competitive interest rates for qualifying enterprises.

Notably, businesses with less than two years of operation can also access lines of credit. Both secured and unsecured lending options are available to cater to diverse business needs.

Relatively transparent about fees on business lines of credit.Limited number of small business lending products for a bank of Wells Fargo’s size. 
The most basic SBA products are available.Maximum credit line amount is relatively low for unsecured products.
Extremely transparent about paperwork requirements prior to application.While some SBA products are available, the menu is shorter than what you might expect from a large bank.

Analysis of Wells Fargo’s Small Business Lending Services

Wells Fargo stands as one of the leading brick-and-mortar banks, ranking fourth in the nation’s banking hierarchy.

While its portfolio might seem limited in terms of small business loan variety, the bank provides both secured and unsecured lines of credit, as well as specific SBA offerings like the SBA line of credit, SBA 7(a), and SBA 504/CDC loans.

When benchmarked against other national banks of a similar scale, Wells Fargo’s range of conventional and SBA lending products might appear less extensive. However, the SBA solutions they offer present a broader spectrum than typically observed with online lenders.

Who Benefits Most from Wells Fargo’s Services?

  • Matured Businesses: Wells Fargo primarily caters to businesses that have been in operation for a minimum of two years. However, they do offer an unsecured loan option for businesses that are relatively younger, though the funding capacity might be limited;
  • Seekers of SBA Loans: As a predominant originator of SBA 7(a) loans, Wells Fargo is a prime consideration for entities exploring this type of financing;
  • Entities Desiring Modest Unsecured Credit Lines: Despite the upper limit not being exceptionally high for unsecured credit lines at Wells Fargo, the inclusion of SBA options facilitates businesses, even those with shorter operational histories, to secure credit;
  • High-Revenue Entities: Businesses with significant annual revenue starting from $2,000,000 can avail secured lines of credit against collateral;
  • Clients Exploring SBA 7(a) & SBA 504 Loans: Wells Fargo’s repertoire includes prevalent SBA loan products. While the transparency on SBA-associated fees could be enhanced, this issue is not unique to Wells Fargo, underscoring the importance of market research.

Who Wells Fargo May Not Be Best For?

  • Startups and Immediate Funding Seekers: Wells Fargo might not be the most conducive choice for startups or businesses requiring immediate financial inflow, as the bank’s inclination is towards more established enterprises;
  • Rapid Funding Expectations: Traditional banks, including Wells Fargo, typically have an extended loan disbursement process. Those in urgent need might experience delays;
  • Businesses with Lower Credit Ratings: Entities or individuals with subpar credit histories might find better alignment with online lenders specializing in credit-challenged business loans.

Wells Fargo Business Loans: An Overview

Loan Amount$5,000 – $10 million
Interest Rate8.75% – 18.25% APR
Term LengthsUp to 25 years
Min. Annual RevenueNot Stated
Min. Time in BusinessLess than two years
Personal Credit Score680

An Overview of Loan Types

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Wells Fargo BusinessLine® Credit

Credit Amounts$10,000 to $150,000
Credit TermsRevolving
Annual Percentage Rate (APR)10.25% to 18.25% (Prime + 1.75% to Prime + 9.75%)
Minimum Business Duration2 years

Wells Fargo’s BusinessLine® is an unsecured line of credit catering to established small businesses with a minimum of two years in operation. Distinctively, it doesn’t mandate business collateral or impose draw fees.

Also, unlike some other lines of credit, there isn’t a defined period during which draws can be made, nor is there a scheduled annual review.

The annual fee structure is tiered based on the credit limit:

  • $10,000 to $25,000: $95 (waived for the first year);
  • Above $25,000: $175.

Though the credit does not require business collateral, there is a prerequisite for a personal guarantee from any stakeholder owning 25% or more of the business. This financial instrument is strategically positioned to aid business owners in managing unforeseen expenses, enhancing liquidity, and leveraging growth avenues.

While the upper limit of this credit line isn’t as expansive as some alternatives in the market (which can offer up to $250,000 or more), it does have an added perk.

Clients are automatically inducted into the Wells Fargo Business Rewards program. This allows them to accrue one point for each dollar of eligible expenditure via the associated Mastercard Access card. Such reward mechanisms are not commonplace across many business credit products.

Wells Fargo Small Business Advantage® line of credit

Credit Amounts$5,000 to $50,000
Credit Terms5 years
Annual Percentage Rate (APR)13.00% to 15.00% (Prime + 4.50% to Prime + 6.50%)

Endorsed by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), the Small Business Advantage® line of credit from Wells Fargo is specifically designed for nascent businesses, ideally those with under two years of operational history.

While it offers a lower credit threshold compared to the BusinessLine, it presents a slightly elevated starting APR. Notably, businesses can avail a five-year revolving line devoid of any annual charges. Enhancing its utility is the associated Mastercard access card, enabling users to accrue rewards on eligible transactions.

Qualification criteria mandate personal guarantees from stakeholders possessing 20% or more ownership in the enterprise. Additionally, it’s essential for businesses to function with a for-profit objective. There’s also a financial stipulation: potential borrowers should have personal household liquid assets that don’t surpass the $500,000 mark.

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Wells Fargo Prime Line of Credit

Credit Amounts$100,000 to $1,000,000
Credit TermsRevolving
Annual Percentage Rate (APR)Begins at 9.00% (Prime + 0.50% with a minimum 5.00% floor rate)

The Prime Line of Credit from Wells Fargo is optimally tailored for well-established businesses with an annual revenue ranging between $2 million and $10 million. This credit line is secured against business assets, barring real estate. A significant aspect to note is its one-year draw period, complemented by its annual renewability feature.

In terms of the origination fee, there is a 0.50% charge at the inception and subsequent annual renewals. This rate stands out as competitive, especially when juxtaposed against the typical 2% to 8% origination fees levied by other financial institutions.

Wells Fargo positions the Prime Line of Credit as an ideal financial solution for entities contemplating sizable acquisitions, managing interim working capital requirements, or keen on capitalizing bulk-purchase discounts.

SBA loans

Loan AmountsUp to $10 million
Loan TermsUp to 25 years
Annual Percentage Rate (APR)Not stated

Endorsed by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), Wells Fargo’s SBA loan offerings comprise the SBA 7(a) and SBA 504 loan categories. These loans are characterized by their reduced down payments, competitive SBA-centric interest rates, and extended repayment durations.

The SBA 7(a) loans from Wells Fargo empower businesses in areas such as:

  • Equipment or real estate acquisitions;
  • Operational expansions;
  • Business takeovers;
  • Partner buyouts;
  • Other assorted business expenses.

Conversely, for businesses keen on scaling through means like construction, procuring equipment, or securing buildings or land, the SBA 504 loan is more aligned with their needs.

Both these SBA loan variants cater to businesses that, on average, maintain an annual net income below $5 million and a net worth not exceeding $15 million. These are especially suited for those in search of long-term financing solutions.

While the processing time for SBA loans, post-application, can extend up to 90 days, Wells Fargo’s distinction as a Preferred SBA Lender offers a strategic advantage. Their authorization to conduct in-house credit evaluations accelerates the loan processing, ensuring quicker approvals and fund disbursal.

Criteria for Wells Fargo Business Lines of Credit

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Wells Fargo offers a diverse range of business credit options, including the BusinessLine of Credit, Small Business Advantage Line of Credit, and the Prime Line of Credit. These credit products span limits from $5,000 up to $1 million, with interest rates commencing from Prime + 0.50%.

Key evaluation criteria for prospective borrowers include:

  • Operational Tenure and Revenue: Similar to many financial institutions, Wells Fargo emphasizes the duration of business operations and its annual turnover. Specific credit lines may necessitate a minimum of two years in business or an annual revenue bracketed between $2 million and $10 million;
  • Collateral and Personal Guarantees: As is customary in the lending arena, securing the line may require collateral or a personal guarantee. It’s worth noting that candidates with guarantors possessing a credit score of 680 or above generally encounter improved approval prospects.

Eligibility Requirements for Wells Fargo Business Lines of Credit

Wells Fargo BusinessLine® Line of Credit

  • Personal Guarantee: Mandated for owners possessing more than 25% stake, cumulatively accounting for a minimum of 51% business ownership;
  • Collateral: Not requisite;
  • Other Stipulations: None specified.

Wells Fargo Small Business Advantage® Line of Credit

  • Personal Guarantee: Necessary for stakeholders with an ownership exceeding 20%, collectively representing at least 51% of the enterprise;
  • Collateral: Not requisite;
  • Other Stipulations:

Entities should be profit-driven and conform to SBA benchmarks.

The aggregate liquid assets of the owner’s household should remain below $500,000.

Wells Fargo Prime Line of Credit

  • Personal Guarantee: Not required;
  • Collateral: Essential;
  • Other Stipulations: None specified.

Personal Credit Enough for Wells Fargo?

The prerequisites for qualification differ depending on the specific loan product under consideration. For Wells Fargo’s business lines of credit, a personal credit score of 680 is a fundamental requirement.

While the bank has not publicly detailed the minimum annual revenue thresholds for its small business loan services, nor any potential lending or usage constraints, prospective borrowers would benefit from direct consultation with a Wells Fargo banking representative to gain clarity on the complete eligibility guidelines.

Wells Fargo Business Lines of Credit: Pros and Cons Analysis

Wells Fargo provides cost-effective loan options to qualified business proprietors. However, it’s essential to weigh both the benefits and potential limitations.


  • Diverse Credit Lines: Wells Fargo caters to a spectrum of businesses, from start-ups to well-established entities, and even those generating revenues of $2 million or more;
  • Competitive Interest Rates: The base interest rates for their business credit lines are notably competitive, especially when compared to many online lending platforms;
  • Rewards Mechanism: The unsecured credit lines feature an inherent rewards system, enabling users to accumulate points against each dollar expended on eligible transactions.


  • Constrained Loan Varieties: Wells Fargo does not offer specific loan types like business term loans, working capital loans, or equipment financing options;
  • Annual Fee Structure: After the inaugural year, the Wells Fargo BusinessLine of credit imposes an annual fee;
  • Mandatory Personal Guarantees: For their business credit lines, Wells Fargo necessitates personal guarantees from business owners.

Wells Fargo versus Other Business Lenders

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Wells Fargo is recognized as a conventional banking institution that furnishes an array of business financing solutions. The offerings span both secured and unsecured lending categories, inclusive of SBA loans and diverse business credit lines.

These cater to an expansive range of financial needs and are marked by their generous lending capacities, which oscillate between $5,000 and $10 million. Furthermore, the loan terms can extend up to a duration of 25 years, complemented by competitive interest rates that initiate from Prime + 0.50%.

A notable distinction is Wells Fargo’s affiliation with the SBA’s Preferred Lender Program. This association potentially expedites the approval and disbursal processes for businesses seeking Wells Fargo SBA loans.

While Wells Fargo’s loan products are optimally tailored for businesses with a minimum of two years of operational history and a credit score benchmark of 680, clarity regarding the requisite annual revenue remains elusive.

It’s evident, however, that the Prime line of credit specifically caters to businesses reporting an annual turnover between $2 million and $10 million.

Wells Fargo LogoBlueVine LogoLive Oak Bank Logo
Rating4.2 stars out of 54.4 stars out of 53 stars out of 5
Loan Amount$5,000-$10 millionUp to $250,000$150,000-$15 million
Interest Rate8.75%-18.25% APR6.20% Simple interestNot stated
Term LengthsUp to 25 years6 or 12 monthsUp to 25 years
Min. Time in BusinessLess than two years2 years2 years
Min. Business Annual RevenueNot stated$480,000Not stated

Wells Fargo vs. BlueVine:

  • Lending Spectrum: Both Wells Fargo and BlueVine provide business lines of credit, albeit with distinct specifications;
  • Loan Amounts: BlueVine is primarily recognized for its business credit lines that allow enterprises to secure up to $250,000. Their optimized application mechanism can lead to fund disbursal within a day;
  • Credit Score Requirements: Wells Fargo’s stipulated personal credit score stands at 680, while BlueVine has a slightly more lenient threshold of 625;
  • Business Tenure: Both lenders seek businesses with a minimum of two years in operation, implying startups might face challenges with both;
  • SBA Loans: Businesses eyeing SBA loans will find Wells Fargo advantageous, given that BlueVine doesn’t offer this option. Wells Fargo’s status as an SBA Preferred Lender allows for more streamlined loan processing.

Wells Fargo vs. Live Oak Bank:

  • SBA Preferred Lender Status: Both Wells Fargo and Live Oak Bank are recognized as SBA Preferred Lenders, promising a swifter fund disbursal process;
  • Loan Types & Amounts: Wells Fargo predominantly caters to businesses established for over two years, with a special focus on SBA 7(a) loans. Their credit lines range from $5,000 to $1 million. Live Oak Bank, on the other hand, can offer up to a whopping $15 million for SBA loans;
  • Interest Rates: While Wells Fargo has competitive rates, direct comparisons become challenging due to Live Oak Bank’s non-disclosure of rates online;
  • Approval Records (2023): Wells Fargo approved 7(a) loans for 1,750 businesses, amounting to $346 million. In contrast, Live Oak Bank approved 950 such loans but for a cumulative sum close to $1.5 billion;
  • Diverse Financing: Like Wells Fargo, Live Oak Bank extends beyond SBA loans, offering business lines of credit. Although available across all 50 states, their loan products are industry-specific.

Application Process and Requirements

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To secure a business loan from Wells Fargo, the application channels and requisites are as follows:

Application Methods:

  • Wells Fargo BusinessLine Line of Credit & Wells Fargo Small Business Advantage Line of Credit: Potential borrowers can apply either through the online portal or by physically visiting a Wells Fargo branch;
  • Wells Fargo Prime Line of Credit: For this specific loan type, applicants should contact Wells Fargo directly at 1-844-807-5060.

Mandatory Application Details:

Business Identification:

  • Legal Business Name;
  • Business Tax ID (Alternatively, a Social Security Number can be provided).

Contact Information:

  • Official Business Address;
  • Business Contact Number.

Business Background:

  • Date of Establishment;
  • Gross Annual Revenue;
  • Ownership Structure (e.g., Sole Proprietor, LLC, Corporation);
  • Total Number of Owners.

Owner Specifics (For at least one owner with decision-making authority):

  • Name, Address, Contact Number;
  • Date of Birth;
  • Social Security Number;
  • Citizenship Status.

Detailed Ownership Information (For each owner holding 25% interest or more):

  • Percentage Ownership;
  • Annual Household Earnings.

Financial Documentation:

  • A Personal Financial Statement form (Facilitated by Wells Fargo);
  • For the Wells Fargo Prime Line of Credit applicants;
  • Two latest personal and business tax returns;
  • Two consecutive years of company-issued year-end financial statements.


In summary, Wells Fargo offers diverse business financing options, including lines of credit and SBA loans with competitive rates. While it serves a wide range of businesses, it may not provide the same variety as online lenders.

Eligibility often requires at least two years in business. Comparing it to competitors like BlueVine and Live Oak Bank reveals differences in loan amounts and credit score requirements. The application process varies by loan type, with detailed information needed for qualification.

Careful research and consultation with Wells Fargo are advised to assess if their offerings align with your business needs.