PNC Bank Business Loans Analysis

Founded in 1983, PNC is a prominent financial institution with a widespread presence across 28 states and Washington, D.C. PNC offers a diverse product suite tailored to meet the financial needs of businesses.

In this comprehensive overview, we’ll delve into PNC’s business financing options, their ideal borrower profile, and the advantages and drawbacks of choosing PNC for your business financing needs.

PNC’s Product Suite for Businesses

PNC’s commitment to supporting businesses is evident in its comprehensive product suite, which includes:

  • Small-business loans: Tailored funding solutions for small businesses seeking capital injections;
  • Credit lines: Flexible credit lines to manage short-term financing needs;
  • SBA loans: SBA (Small Business Administration) loans, which offer government-backed funding options with favorable terms;
  • Business credit cards: Credit card solutions designed for businesses, providing convenient payment options and rewards programs;
  • Loans for business property and vehicles: Financing options specifically crafted for businesses looking to acquire property or vehicles.

PNC’s Ideal Borrower Profile

While PNC offers a range of financing options, they have certain criteria for their ideal borrowers. To be considered an ideal borrower for PNC, you should:

  • Be a current client of PNC banking;
  • Prefer traditional banking structures but also appreciate digital banking amenities;
  • Have a business with a proven track record of at least three years under consistent ownership.

PNC Business Financing Options

PNC’s lending solutions for businesses are designed to cater to a variety of financial needs. These options include:

  • Unsecured and secured term loans: Choose between unsecured loans for businesses with strong credit profiles or secured loans with collateral;
  • Unsecured and secured credit lines: Flexible credit lines that can be accessed as needed, either with or without collateral;
  • Business vehicle financing: Specialized financing options for acquiring vehicles for your business operations;
  • Property loans: Loans for purchasing or refinancing commercial properties.

PNC business loans stand out as an attractive choice for those who are current PNC business banking clients with a robust credit history and a well-established business.

Advantages and Drawbacks of PNC Business Financing


  • Multiple business loan options: PNC offers a diverse range of financing solutions, including SBA loans, which can suit various business needs;
  • Tailored financing for property and vehicles: Businesses seeking to acquire assets like property or vehicles can benefit from PNC’s specialized financing options;
  • Application flexibility: You can apply for PNC business financing online, by phone, or by visiting a PNC Bank branch.


  • Business longevity requirement: PNC generally requires businesses to have a track record of at least three years, which may limit access for newer enterprises;
  • Lack of online rate information: PNC’s official website may not provide detailed information about interest rates and associated costs, making it challenging for potential borrowers to compare options;
  • Mandatory automated repayments: Borrowers should be aware that PNC requires automated loan repayments to be made from a PNC business checking account.

PNC Loan Details

Loan TypeLoan AmountInterest RateFeesTermsRepayment Schedule
Unsecured business loan$20,000 to $100,000Fixed (Varies by business qualifications)Not specifiedTwo to five yearsMonthly
Secured business loan$100,001 to $3,000,000Fixed/VariableNot specifiedTwo to seven yearsMonthly
Unsecured business line of credit$20,000 to $100,000VariableAnnual fee: $175. Potential added fees.Revolving with annual renewalMonthly
Secured business line of credit$100,001 to $3,000,000VariableAnnual fee: 0.25% of committed amount.Revolving with annual renewalMonthly
Business auto loan$10,000 to $250,000FixedNot specifiedTwo to six yearsMonthly

PNC SBA Loan Offerings

SBA loans are an excellent option for those seeking affordable financing solutions with favorable terms and lower down payment requirements. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the different SBA loan offerings available through PNC, including SBA 7(a) loans, SBA 504 loans, SBA Express, and SBA Export Express.

SBA 7(a) Loans

SBA 7(a) loans are one of the most popular choices for small businesses looking to secure funding. These loans provide flexible financing for a wide range of business needs, from working capital to equipment purchases. Key features of PNC’s SBA 7(a) loans include:

  • Loan Amounts: PNC offers SBA 7(a) loans ranging from $50,000 to $5 million;
  • Term Length: Loan terms can extend up to 25 years, depending on the use of funds;
  • Interest Rates: Interest rates are competitive and typically vary based on the Prime Rate.

Key Features of PNC SBA 7(a) Loans

Loan Amount$50,000 to $5 million
Term LengthUp to 25 years
Interest RatesCompetitive, based on Prime Rate

SBA 504 Loans

SBA 504 loans are designed to assist small businesses in financing fixed assets such as real estate and equipment. These loans are typically used for expansion or real estate purchases. Here are the main highlights of PNC’s SBA 504 loans:

  • Loan Amounts: PNC offers SBA 504 loans that can finance up to 40% of the total project cost;
  • Term Length: Loan terms can extend up to 20 years;
  • Interest Rates: Interest rates are typically competitive and fixed.

Key Features of PNC SBA 504 Loans

Loan AmountUp to 40% of project cost
Term LengthUp to 20 years
Interest RatesCompetitive and fixed

SBA Express

PNC’s SBA Express program is designed for small businesses that require expedited loan approval and funding. This program offers a streamlined application process and quicker access to capital. Key features of PNC’s SBA Express loans include:

  • Loan Amounts: SBA Express loans are available up to $350,000;
  • Expedited Processing: Faster approval and funding timelines;
  • Eligibility for Veterans: Veteran-owned businesses may qualify for a waiver of the initial guarantee fee.

Key Features of PNC SBA Express Loans

Loan AmountUp to $350,000
Expedited ProcessQuicker approval and funding
Veteran BenefitsWaiver of initial guarantee fee

SBA Export Express

PNC also offers the SBA Export Express program, which is tailored to businesses engaged in international trade. This program aims to facilitate export financing and help businesses expand their global reach. Key features of PNC’s SBA Export Express loans include:

  • Loan Amounts: SBA Export Express loans are available up to $500,000;
  • Expedited Processing: Faster approval and funding timelines for export-related financing.

Key Features of PNC SBA Export Express Loans

Loan AmountUp to $500,000
Expedited ProcessQuicker approval and funding

Veteran-Owned Businesses

For eligible veteran-owned businesses, PNC goes the extra mile by potentially waiving the initial guarantee fee on SBA Express loans, with a cap at a loan value of $350,000. This provides a valuable financial incentive to support veterans in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

What Makes PNC Unique

  • Product Diversity: PNC’s vast array of offerings includes both secured and unsecured finance options;
  • SBA Partnership: PNC’s affiliation with the Small Business Administration enables it to present SBA loans to clients who might not be eligible for regular bank products;
  • Transparent Credit Assessment: PNC offers a clear overview of its credit evaluation, giving borrowers insights into how personal and corporate credit, debt-to-income ratios, and collateral are assessed.

PNC’s Limitations

  • Rigorous Credit Mandates: PNC doesn’t explicitly state a minimum credit score prerequisite but demands impeccable credit conduct for the preceding five years;
  • Opaque Rates and Charges: PNC doesn’t proactively provide comprehensive data regarding interest rates or fees, making loan product comparisons somewhat challenging;
  • Compulsory Business Checking Account: PNC mandates the opening of a business checking account for all loan services.

Eligibility for PNC Loans

Person Pointing at Phone with Credit Score on Screen

PNC Bank, a prominent financial institution, offers a variety of business loans to support entrepreneurs and established businesses alike. Let’s provide a comprehensive overview of the eligibility requirements for PNC business loans to help you determine if your business qualifies for their financial assistance.

Eligibility Criteria for PNC Business Loans

  • Credit Score: PNC Bank does not specify a minimum credit score requirement for their business loans. However, they do conduct a thorough review of both personal and business credit histories. A strong credit profile is an essential factor in their decision-making process. The higher your credit score, the better your chances of approval and favorable loan terms;
  • Personal Guarantee: PNC Bank typically requires business owners to provide a personal guarantee when applying for a business loan. This means that if the business is unable to repay the loan, the owner is personally responsible for repayment. This demonstrates the commitment of the business owner to the loan and provides additional security for the lender;
  • Business Operations Duration: To be eligible for a PNC business loan, your business should ideally have been in operation for at least three years or more. Established businesses with a track record of stability are more likely to meet PNC’s eligibility criteria;
  • Clean Personal Credit History: PNC looks at the personal credit records of business owners to assess their creditworthiness. It’s essential that your personal credit history is free of any discrepancies, such as late payments, defaults, or collections, for at least five years leading up to your loan application;
  • Clean Business Credit History: In addition to personal credit, PNC also examines the credit history of your business. To be eligible, your business should have a credit history that is free of bankruptcies, tax liens, judgments, or lawsuits. A clean business credit history demonstrates financial responsibility and stability.

PNC Loan Application Process

One can approach PNC for a loan online, over the phone, or by visiting a branch. Online applications, however, necessitate an existing PNC business banking relationship. PNC’s Business Lending Guide offers insights into their lending criteria, assisting potential borrowers in their application journey.

Application Methods

PNC Bank provides multiple avenues for applicants to initiate the loan application process:

  • Online Application: Prospective borrowers can apply for a PNC business loan conveniently through the bank’s official website. However, it’s important to note that online applications typically require an existing PNC business banking relationship. This means that you should already have a business account with PNC to access the online application portal;
  • Phone Application: If you prefer a more personal touch or have questions about the application process, you can contact PNC Bank over the phone. A dedicated representative will guide you through the application steps and provide assistance as needed. You can find the contact information on PNC’s official website;
  • In-Person Application: For a face-to-face interaction and personalized assistance, you can visit a PNC branch near you. The bank’s staff can help you complete the loan application, answer questions, and provide insights into the loan options that best suit your business needs.

Eligibility Requirements

Before applying for a PNC business loan, it’s essential to understand the eligibility criteria to increase your chances of approval. While specific requirements may vary depending on the type of loan, here are some common eligibility considerations:

  • Credit Score: PNC typically looks for a strong credit history from business owners. A higher credit score is advantageous in securing a loan with favorable terms;
  • Business Financials: Prepare your business financial statements, including income statements and balance sheets, to demonstrate the financial health and stability of your company;
  • Business Plan: Having a well-structured business plan that outlines your goals, strategies, and how you intend to use the loan funds can be beneficial;
  • Collateral: Some loans may require collateral, such as business assets or personal guarantees, to secure the loan.

PNC Alternatives

Bank NameDescriptionLoan Types OfferedLoan Amount Range
Bank of AmericaFor those inclined towards traditional banking, Bank of America is another potential option with both secured and unsecured loans, credit lines, and SBA loans.Secured and Unsecured Loans, Credit Lines, SBA LoansVaries
Funding CircleAs a non-traditional bank alternative, Funding Circle offers business term loans with amounts ranging from $25,000 to $500,000.Business Term Loans$25,000 to $500,000


PNC Bank continues to offer a robust suite of business financing options, catering especially to established businesses with strong credit backgrounds.

While their requirement for an existing business checking account and stringent credit history standards might be limiting for some, their diversified loan products, partnership with the SBA, and multiple application channels make them a viable choice for businesses seeking traditional bank financing.

However, it’s crucial for potential borrowers to compare PNC’s offerings with other banks and financial institutions to ensure they secure the best terms and rates for their unique business needs.


Is PNC a good option for start-ups?

PNC generally requires businesses to have been operational for at least three years.

What are the interest rates for PNC business loans?

The rates vary based on the business’s qualifications and are not extensively disclosed online.

Are there any special privileges for veterans?

Yes, PNC may waive the upfront guarantee fee on SBA Express loans for qualified veteran-owned businesses.

Can I apply for a PNC loan online if I’m not already a business banking customer?

To apply online, you must already be a PNC business banking client. However, you can apply over the phone or in person if you’re not.

Are there any alternatives to PNC for business loans?

Yes, options like Bank of America and Funding Circle are available for those seeking different lending criteria or services.