Find New Opportunities: Small Business Loans in Minnesota

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Minnesota, right in the middle of the Midwest, is quite a unique place. It’s not just known for its freezing winters; it’s also famous for its gorgeous landscapes. Think of rolling prairies, thick forests, and over 14,000 pristine lakes, some larger than 10 acres.

They even call it “The Land of 10,000 Lakes.” While the Minneapolis-St. Paul Metro area is bustling, cities like Moorhead, Duluth, Mankato, and St. Cloud add their own charm. From its pioneer days, Minnesota has transformed into a modern, culturally rich state.

Minnesota’s Economy

Minnesota’s economy is pretty diverse, just like its landscapes. It’s not all about farming; there’s a strong mix of industries, business, and even energy stuff going on. But here’s what’s really cool: the small businesses here.

So, in 2022, there were a whopping 534,397 small businesses in Minnesota. That’s like having a small venture for every few people you bump into. But these aren’t just any businesses; they’re a big deal.

These small businesses aren’t just providing jobs; they’re a lifeline for 1.3 million Minnesotans. That’s over 20% of the whole workforce in the state!

And when you add up all the salaries these businesses pay, you get a huge number: $57,769,376. That’s a ton of cash flowing through the state, making sure lots of families can live well.

So, when you think about Minnesota’s economy, don’t just picture farms and factories; think about this bustling community of small businesses that make the state tick.

Small Business Loans

Now, let’s talk about small business loans. With 5,569 active small venture loans and a total loan amount of nearly $2.9 billion over the last three years, these loans are like rocket fuel for businesses.

They help with expansion, managing stock, big marketing ideas, and hiring seasonal employees. In simple words, they turn business dreams into reality.

In this article, we’re going to dive deeper into how small business loans work in the North Star State. We’ll find out who’s in the game and what resources are there for small ventures in Minnesota.

So, get ready as we explore how small business loans are making a real difference for businesses in this lively state.

How Small Business Loans Work in Minnesota

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Small business loans in Minnesota are designed to empower entrepreneurs and established business owners alike. Here’s a closer look at how they function:

  • Diverse Loan Types: Minnesota recognizes that one size doesn’t fit all. So, it offers an array of small venture loan types tailored to specific needs. Whether you’re looking to expand your operations, boost working capital, invest in essential equipment, or acquire real estate, you’ll find a loan that aligns with your objectives. For example, if you run a small bakery and need a new oven to meet rising demand, there are equipment financing options available;
  • Lender Selection: Entrepreneurs in Minnesota enjoy the freedom to choose from a rich landscape of lenders. You’re not limited to traditional banks; credit unions and alternative lenders are also on the menu. This diversity works in your favor, fostering competition that can translate into more favorable rates and terms. It’s like having a buffet of financial options, and you get to pick what suits your appetite;
  • The Application Process: Applying for a small business loan is where your journey starts. You’ll need to provide essential information, including financial statements and a well-structured plan. This is your chance to showcase your business acumen and convince lenders of your project’s viability. To give you a real-world example, suppose you’re running a tech startup in Minneapolis. Your plan should outline how the loan will fuel the development of your groundbreaking app, complete with revenue projections;
  • Loan Approval: Once you’ve submitted your application and gone through the evaluation process, approval brings a sense of accomplishment. However, it’s essential to carefully scrutinize the loan terms, including interest rates and the repayment schedule, before signing the dotted line. Being well-informed at this stage will ensure you’re on the same page as your lender and prevent any surprises down the road. For instance, if you’re securing a loan to renovate your boutique store in St. Paul, understanding the repayment structure is crucial to budgeting effectively;
  • Growth: Now comes the exciting part. Armed with the financial support from your loan, your venture can embark on various growth initiatives. For instance, if you own a family-owned farm in rural Minnesota, you might use the funds to invest in modern irrigation equipment, allowing you to increase crop yields and expand your product line. Or, if you’re a marketing agency in the Twin Cities, you could allocate the loan to bolster your team with skilled professionals, thus increasing your capacity to take on more clients.

So, loans offer diverse solutions, empower you to select your ideal lender, require a robust application process, demand careful scrutiny of loan terms, and, most importantly, provide you with the means to fuel your dreams, whether they involve expanding, hiring, or innovating.

5 Biggest Small Business Loan Lenders in Minnesota

Here are the top five small business loan lenders in Minnesota, each playing a crucial role in the state’s economic growth:

2U.S. Bank1146.15%$145,653
3Ultima Bank Minnesota695.42%$265,275
4Northeast Entrepreneur Fund635.74%$98,927
5Bremer Bank614.82%$673,990

This table provides a snapshot of the top five banks in Minnesota based on the number of loans they’ve issued, the average interest rates they offer, and the average loan size. It’s a valuable reference for ventures seeking financing options in the state.

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Now, it is time to take a closer look at each of them:


  • # of Minnesota Loans: 119;
  • Average Interest Rate: 5.17%;
  • Average Loan Size: $682,912.

BankVista is a prominent lender in Minnesota, known for its substantial number of loans issued to ventures in the state. With competitive average interest rates and a notably high average loan size, it’s an attractive option for ventures looking for substantial financing to support growth and expansion.

U.S. Bank

  • # of Minnesota Loans: 114;
  • Average Interest Rate: 6.15%;
  • Average Loan Size: $145,653.

U.S. Bank, a well-established national bank, maintains a strong presence in Minnesota. While it offers a variety of financial services, its small venture loans have supported numerous enterprises in the state. Keep in mind that it tends to have a slightly higher average interest rate compared to other lenders.

Ultima Bank Minnesota

  • # of Minnesota Loans: 69;
  • Average Interest Rate: 5.42%;
  • Average Loan Size: $265,275.

Ultima Bank Minnesota is a regional bank that specializes in serving the needs of ventures in the state. Its moderate average interest rates and reasonable average loan size make it an attractive choice for local entrepreneurs seeking financing for their ventures.

Northeast Entrepreneur Fund

  • # of Minnesota Loans: 63;
  • Average Interest Rate: 5.74%;
  • Average Loan Size: $98,927.

The Northeast Entrepreneur Fund is a noteworthy institution that supports entrepreneurship in northeastern Minnesota. It offers loans at competitive interest rates, making it an accessible option for startups and small enterprises in the region.

Bremer Bank

  • # of Minnesota Loans: 61;
  • Average Interest Rate: 4.82%;
  • Average Loan Size: $673,990.

Bremer Bank stands out with its relatively low average interest rates and substantial average loan size. This combination makes it an appealing choice for ventures in Minnesota looking for larger-scale financing solutions to fund various initiatives.

Each of these banks plays a crucial role in supporting Minnesota’s small business ecosystem. They offer a range of financial options tailored to different venture needs and financial situations.

Other Resources for Small Businesses in Minnesota

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Apart from small business loans, Minnesota offers various resources to support entrepreneurs and small venture owners: 

  • Minnesota Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs): Minnesota Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs): SBDCs are your go-to partners in the world of entrepreneurship. They’re like your business’s best friend, offering hands-on guidance that can transform your dreams into a thriving reality. SBDCs are masters of marketing know-how. They can teach you the ropes of promoting your products or services effectively, reaching your target audience, and creating a buzz around your brand. If you’ve ever found yourself lost in the maze of finances, don’t worry; SBDCs have got your back. They’ll demystify financial matters, helping you manage budgets, secure funding, and plan for growth. The best part? SBDCs are all about practicality. They offer workshops that are like crash courses in business brilliance;
  • Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED): Looking for funding to expand your operations? DEED can point you in the right direction with information on available grants. Need a skilled workforce to help your venture grow? They’ve got programs to help with that too. DEED’s website is a goldmine of resources, offering insights into Minnesota’s economic landscape and how your venture can thrive within it. So, whether you’re navigating state regulations or seeking financial incentives, DEED simplifies the process;
  • Minnesota Chamber of Commerce: Joining this chamber is not just about exchanging business cards; it’s about building relationships that can take your business to new heights. Imagine attending events where you can connect with fellow venture owners, share your experiences, and learn from their successes (and maybe even a few failures). The Minnesota Chamber of Commerce also keeps you in the loop about crucial legislative changes that could impact your venture. It’s like having a knowledgeable friend who texts you when something important is happening. Plus, the exposure your venture gets through chamber membership can be a game-changer.

Remember, these resources are dynamic support systems that adapt to your business’s needs.

So, whether you’re starting a new venture, looking to scale up, or just need some advice on how to overcome a hurdle, Minnesota’s got your back. So, go ahead and explore these resources to help your small business thrive in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.


In simple terms, Minnesota is a fantastic hub for small businesses, thanks to these nifty small business loans. Picture this: you’re a business owner in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, and you’ve got big dreams.

Maybe you’re thinking of expanding your cozy shop, experimenting with innovative ideas, or upgrading your equipment. But here’s the catch – you need capital to turn those dreams into reality. Whether you’re eyeing a new store, want to stock up on inventory, or are ready to invest in shiny new equipment, there’s a loan tailored just for you.

Now, let’s talk about the key players in this lending game. We’ve got the heavyweights like BankVista, U.S. Bank, Ultima Bank Minnesota, Northeast Entrepreneur Fund, and Bremer Bank. Each of them brings something unique to the table, whether it’s attractive interest rates or generous loan amounts.

But here’s the deal: loans aren’t the only star performers in Minnesota’s small business support show. There’s a whole toolkit of resources at your disposal. Imagine the Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs) as your trusty business sidekicks, always ready with expert advice.

They can help you craft a rock-solid business plan and untangle even the trickiest marketing conundrums.

Then there’s the Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED), your ultimate source of information. DEED spills the beans on grants, workforce development, and how to recruit top-tier employees.

And don’t overlook the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce, your ticket to networking with fellow dreamers and doers in the small business world.

In the grand scheme of things, it’s not just about businesses; it’s about the dreamers and doers who sprinkle the magic dust on Minnesota’s small business scene. Cheers to the entrepreneurs who dare to dream big in the North Star State!