Business Method Patents

CompanySelected Patents by Number and Description
Amazon5,960,411 — Method and system for placing a purchase order via a communications network (One-click purchase).
5,715,399 — Secure method and system for communicating a list of credit card numbers over a non-secure network.
5,727,163 — Secure method for communicating credit card data when placing an order on a non-secure network.
5,826,258 — Method and apparatus for structuring the querying and interpretation of semistructured information.
5,963,949 — Method for data gathering around forms and search barriers.
5,999,924 — Method for producing sequenced queries.
6,029,141 — Internet-based customer referral system (Affiliate program).
6,525,747 — Method and system for conducting a discussion relating to an item.
America Online6,393,469 — Method and apparatus for publishing hypermedia documents.
6,385,656 — Selective recompression of files in a network system.
6,381,599 — Seamless integration of internet resources.
6,339,784 — Self-policing, rate limiting online forums.
6,012,051 — Consumer profiling system with analytic decision processor.
6,009,413 — System for real time shopping.
Coolsavings5,761,648 — Interactive marketing network and process using electronic certificates (Distributing discount coupons over the web).
Counterpane5,978,475 — Event auditing system.
DoubleClick5,948,061 — Method of delivery, targeting, and measuring advertising over networks.
eBay6,415,320 — Information presentation and management in an online trading environment.
6,058,417 — Information presentation and management in an online trading environment.
Monster (TMP)5,832,497 — Electronic automated information exchange and management system.
Netflix6,584,450 — Method and apparatus for renting items.
Overture6,269,361 — System and method for influencing a position on a search result list generated by a computer network search engine (Pay for performance search).
(Walker Digital)
6,356,878 — Conditional purchase offer buyer agency system.
6,345,090 — Conditional purchase offer management system for telephone calls.
6,332,129 — Method and system for utilizing a psychographic questionnaire in a buyer-driven commerce system.
6,240,396 — Conditional purchase offer management system for event tickets.
6,134,534 — Conditional purchase offer management system for cruises.
6,108,639 — Conditional purchase offer (CPO) management system for collectibles.
6,085,169 — Conditional purchase offer management system.
6,041,308 — System and method for motivating submission of conditional purchase offers.
5,897,620 — Method and apparatus for the sale of airline-specified flight tickets.
5,797,127 — Method, apparatus, and program for pricing, selling, and exercising options to purchase airline tickets (Walker Digital).
5,794,207 — Method and apparatus for a cryptographically assisted commercial network system designed to facilitate buyer-driven conditional purchase offers (Walker Digital).
Yahoo!6,381,594 — System and method for personalized information filtering and alert generation.
 — Apparatus and method for abstracting markup language documents.
6,343,302 — Remote web site authoring system and method.
6,216,157 — Method and apparatus for a client-server system with heterogeneous clients.
6,205,469 — Method for client-server communications through a minimal interface.
5,991,756 — Information retrieval from hierarchical compound documents.
5,983,227 — Dynamic page generator.
Source: U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.