E-Commerce, Changing Distribution Channels and Good Jobs

D. Bruce Merrifield, Jr.
Merrifield Consulting Group, Inc.


What are physical distribution channels for? Why did most of the dot.bomb start-ups of the late ’90s fail to “dis-intermediate” them? And why should the answers to these questions affect how you might find a good job with the right company of any type that will be reshaped by electronic commerce? Watch this presentation to find out!

Bruce Merrifield started his strategic consulting and business speaking practice in 1980. Since then he has given countless presentations for well over 100 trade associations and many of the world’s largest corporations.

Bruce has focused historically and most narrowly on how to maximize the effectiveness of independent distribution channels, high performance service management and how electronic commerce will continue to effect distribution channels.

He is the author of the book, “Electronic Commerce for Distribution Channels” and over 90 articles published in countless trade publications. He has also produced a number of training audio and videotape products including the revolutionary “High Performance Distribution Ideas for All” videotape released in November, 2001.

Bruce is a graduate of Princeton University and the Harvard Business School.