Note To Instructors

Instructors are welcome to use Managing the Digital Enterprise as resource to teach similar courses of their own. If you wish to use the site, please make note of the following:

  1. Every effort is made to make the site available continuously throughout the year. Interruptions in service, although rare, do occur. If you have persistent difficulty accessing the site, please feel welcome to contact me.
  2. The site is updated continuously. Additions and major improvements take place during the summer and winter recess periods.
  3. The site contains over 1000 unique links to sources of information on the web. The integrity of the links is checked automatically each week. Typically less than one-half of one percent will break each week. Broken links are fixed, if possible; otherwise they are removed from the site. In cases when a broken link is assigned reading (“Things to Read”), it will be temporarily replaced with a local version until the assignment is completed.
  4. Please do not reproduce pages from this site on your own server.
  5. If you use the site to teach a course, please acknowledge this fact on your course syllabus web page. The recognition is appreciated and it helps to keep the site free and open.
  6. Suggestions to improve the site, and especially recommendations for new content, are welcome.
  7. Corporations that wish to use the site for employee education are encouraged to contact me.
  8. Be sure to begin by reading about the Course.

Adopting a web site to teach your course as a supplement or replacement for a textbook can be both challenging and rewarding. With your help, we can create a new educational model that takes advantage of the power of the Internet to deliver high quality course materials to our students.