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Business ModelsThe most frequently read web page on the site.
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DigitalProfessor.orgA blog for college instructors and education professionals who use this site.
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The E-Commerce education program web site at NC State.
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Open CoursewareAbout the concept of “open courseware”, on which this site is based.
PodcastsAudio guides to the discussion topics produced in the MP3 format. The guides are available as podcasts for RSS subscription using an audio application such as iTunes.
Printer-friendlyThe current page without images (i.e., text only), provides a convenient way to print a page.
Review ExercisesOnline exercises for each topic module. Requires access to WebAssign.
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Study TipsHelpful advice for non-registered distance learners.
System RequirementsMinimum systems requirements for webcasted video lectures.
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WebcastsGuest lectures that are videotaped and webcasted.