Case Study: Google

With the largest index of websites available on the World Wide Web and the industry’s most advanced search technology, Google delivers the fastest and easiest way to find relevant information on the Internet. Google’s technological innovations have earned the company numerous industry awards and citations. A growing number of companies worldwide, including Yahoo! and its international properties, Sony Corporation and its global affiliates, AOL/Netscape, and Cisco Systems, rely on Google to power search on their websites. Google is a privately held company based in Mountain View, California. [Source: Google, Inc.]

Things to read:

Questions to consider:

  • What is the core tenet of Google’s strategy to dominate the field of search engine sites?
  • How is Google different from other major search engines?
  • What is PageRank? Why might it produce more effective results from searching a large index? What are the limitations of this approach?
  • What kind of business model(s) is Google pursuing?


Selected trademarks applications and registrations:

Selected patents:

  • Search real-time for new U.S. patents granted to Google, Inc.