[Note: This page contains administrative information for NC State University students who are registered for the course.]

Absence From Class

Regular attendance at classes and examinations is expected of all students. Students shall receive excused absences for some anticipated absences as well as for emergencies. When an excused absence is granted, an opportunity shall be provided for the student to make up any graded work.

Excuses for anticipated absences must be cleared with the instructor before the absence by email. Excuses for emergency absences must be reported to the instructor (by email) as soon as possible, but not more than one week after the return to class.

Academic Integrity

Students enrolled at NC State are governed by the Code of Student Conduct. If you have not already done so, please take the time to familiarize yourself with the Code. Section 1.1 of the Code is reprinted below:

Universities are unique communities committed to creating and transmitting knowledge. They depend on freedom — individuals’ freedom to explore ideas and to explore and further their own capabilities.

Those freedoms depend on the good will and responsible behavior of all the members of the community, who must treat each other with tolerance and respect. They must allow each other to develop the full range of their capabilities and take full advantage of the institution’s resources.

Adding Or Dropping the Course

See: NCSU Academic Regulations.

Broken Links

The site is crawled weekly with an automatic link-checker. In the average week, less than 1% of the external links (i.e., about ten links) on the site are found to require attention. However, the link-checker will not always catch broken links, or you may happen upon a newly broken link before the link-checker finds it.

In such cases, please contact the instructor immediately to report a broken link.


Great strides are made to create a user friendly interface. However, different platforms, monitor settings, browsers, and user preferences will alter how the site appears to you. The site is tested on both Macintosh, Windows, and UNIX operating systems using the latest browser versions.

If you are not running the latest browser, please consider updating. Any particularly troublesome browser issues you encounter should be reported to the instructor.

Changes In the Schedule

The course schedule is posted each semester. Each week specific schedule information is communicate via the instructor’s notices section of the forum. Please check the forum regularly for updates to the schedule. In urgent situations, an schedule changes may be communicated via email, as well.

Class Participation

Classroom participation is encouraged so long as a student has completed the assigned reading. If for any reason you are unable to participate in discussion during class, please inform me.

Copyright Policy

See Terms of Use.

Correction Of an Error In Grading

See: NCSU Academic Regulations.


E-Mail: E-mail messages to the instructor must be sent using an address or have “BUS 510” in the subject heading to ensure that it will be read in a timely manner. Messages from the instructor to students will always be sent to the current address on file with NCSU Registration & Records.

Students are responsible for keeping their e-mail address on file up-to-date. Please do not send e-mail attachments.

Telephone: It is recommended that telephone conversations be scheduled in advance via e-mail.

Disability Services For Students

Individual tutors are provided for students whose disability warrants special tutoring consideration (i.e., learning disability, visual impairment, etc.). These services are rendered to help equalize the student’s educational opportunity. Referrals are also made to other University tutorials when appropriate.

For further details contact: Disability Services for Students, 2000 Harris Hall, 919.515.7653 (voice) or 919.515.8830 (TTY). The DSS staff is available to serve as a resource in assisting with providing accommodations.


Absolutely nothing discussed in class, on the web site, or in the forum should be misconstrued as investment advice made by the instructor. Furthermore, the discussion of any specific company should not to be taken as an implied endorsement.

Discussion Forum

Students are expected to participate in the forum, and participation is evaluated as part of their grade for the course. Contributions to the forum should be well-formulated opinions based on the assigned readings each week. Contributions based solely on personal experience should be limited.

Specific guidelines are provided in the forum at the beginning of each semester. Be sure to read the forum rules carefully. Following the guidelines is critical to the successful completion of the course.

Exams And Review Exercises

Exams and review exercises are administered online via WebAssign.

See the schedule for the date of the exams each semester. Additional details will be provided in advance of the exam dates. A student will be allowed to take an exam on other than the posted date only is rare cases when circumstances warrant it.

See also: NCSU Academic Regulations.

Grading Policy

Grading for will consist of the following components totaling 1,000 points:

  • 150 points – review exercises;
  • 150 points – class participation;
  • 300 points – contributions to the forum;
  • 400 points – exams.

Late Assignments

Students must contact the instructor to request an extension beyond the due dates for review exercises.

Office Hours

The instructor will meet with students by appointment. Please email your request.

Recording Lectures And Discussions

The following policy is provided in the NCSU Academic Regulations:

Because free discussion and free exchange of ideas in classroom may be inhibited through the use of recording devices by students, they may not use such devices in classrooms during class periods except:

  1. when explicit prior permission of the instructor has been obtained and when no member of the class objects to their use;
  2. when sensory or manual disabilities require that a student use a recording device. Students who require the use of recording devices because of disabilities should notify the instructor of the course or section prior to their use.


The prerequisite for the course is enrollment as a graduate student in goodstanding.


The schedule is subject to change over the semester. Students are expected to regularly visit the course web site and keep abreast of changes.