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Michael Rappa is the founding director of the Institute for Advanced Analytics and a member of the faculty in the Department of Computer Science at North Carolina State University. As director of the Institute, he leads the nation’s first and preeminent Master of Science in Analytics degree program. Prior to joining NC State as Distinguished University Professor in 1998, for nine years he was a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

A study published in 2006 in the British journal R&D Management identified Rappa as a leading scholar in the field of technology management, ranking him in the 99th percentile among over 9,000 authors in terms of research productivity in top journals over the past 50 years. His research has been cited on three occasions as an outstanding contribution to the field, and his early work on business models is one of the most often cited and widely read publications on the subject.

Rappa is perhaps best known as the creator of Managing the Digital Enterprise, an innovative and award-winning educational Web site devoted to the study of management in the digital world. Launched in 1999, originally as the foundation for a course he taught, the site is a valued resource used by several million learners and hundreds of university instructors from around the world. In 2010, Rappa presided as general co-chair at the 19th International World Wide Web Conference, the premiere annual gathering of the Web research community.

Prior to founding the Institute, Rappa led the university’s interdisciplinary E-Commerce curriculum and helped to establish the Computer Networking degree program, serving as its management area coordinator. An early advocate of open courseware, he established the Open Courseware Lab in 1998 to promote openly accessible educational resources on the Web. Rappa and a team of his students created OpenSeminar, an award-winning open source platform for hosting collaborative courseware.

NC State has recognized Rappa on numerous occasions for his contributions to teaching and service. He is the recipient of the Outstanding Extension Service Award, the Award for Graduate Teaching Excellence, and the Gertrude Cox Award for Innovative Excellence in Teaching and Learning with Technology. He is also winner of the MERLOT Award for Exemplary Online Learning; and was twice named by the editors of R&D Management as a finalist for the Epton Prize.

Rappa began his academic career at the University of Minnesota, where he earned his doctorate in 1987.

Vital statistics:

First human-computer interaction: feeding punch cards to a mainframe.

First personal computer: IBM PC with 2 floppy drives and no hard disk.

First pleasant computing experience: using the Apple Macintosh.

First "portable" computer (weight in pounds): 40.

First course taught using a web site: 1995.

Last course taught using a textbook: 1996.

Number of NCSU students who have completed this course, 1999-2006: 698.

Amount not spent on textbooks by students who took this course: $139,600.

Research funding and donations raised for NC State: $3,348,150.

Number of visits to this site last year: 324,460.

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